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10 questions for Mats Hummels (Sport Bild-magazin)
Mats’ answers in bold and the things he added in italic ;)

1. For one day I would like to be …

x  Stefan Raab
x  Jürgen Klopp
□  …

2. At the World Cup 2014 in Brazil …

x  we will win the tournament
x  we will beat spain
x  l will hopefully be a starter

If we win the german championship again ..

x I’ll dispense 1000 liter beer
I’ll shave Großkreutz head
I’ll party 48 h straight

4. My toughest opponent on the Playstation so far is …

x my brother
□ Marco Reus
Nuri Sahin
x Moritz Leitner

5. My coach Jürgen Klopp …

x  can get really mad
□  is the perfect nationalteam coach
□  …

6.If I have a pair of Aces on my hands at poker …

□ I raise my stakes immediately
x  I look bored
x  I always lose

7. Thanks to my polish
teammates I can

x curse in polish
□ tell Poland-jokes
x count to 19

8. About my missed penalty against Ajax Amsterdam …

I still think a lot
I don’t care anymore
x everyone at the BVB laughs about it

9. Why do you wear the number 15 at the BVB?

x I don’t know
It’s my lucky number by now

10.  Who can lift the heaviest weights in the gym?

Mario Götze
x Mats Hummels

Moritz Leitner
x Lukas Piszczek

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